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Discover the Best Work at Home Telecommuting Jobs

Work at home telecommuting jobs are a new trend of jobs that

you can work from home. Online telecommuting jobs are the kind

of jobs that that range in what you will do but all of them have

one thing in common. With this type of legitimate jobs online

you will work at least part of the time, if not all the time from

the comfort of your home.

With online telecommuting jobs you do not necessarily go to the

office to work but instead you will work the amount of time and the

hours necessary at home. In order to give you an idea of what type

work at home telecommuting jobs you can do, here are some examples of

online telecommuting jobs. Do not forget that this is just a small


With work at home telecommuting jobs you can work as a Virtual assistants.

helping to keep your boss on track, that means that you will manage

his daily work schedules, filling his needs and setting appointments.

Another thing that you can do when you choose a online telecommuting

jobs is Writing for magazines, newspapers, or even as an author. For

this type of telecommuting jobs you need to have some writing skills,

but this type of job is very well paid and you can work from your home.

There is another type of legitimate jobs online and is Inbound calling

centers, many times those companies that have people calling in order

to request the purchase of some product or service will call a number and

then they will be connected to an individual telecommuting. and the

last option of work at home telecommuting jobs is Sales oriented jobs.

you will call to other people looking for a sale. You can find plenty of

more opportunities available on the internet that are included in the

online telecommuting jobs world. You need to choose the right job for you.

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5 Legit Telecommuting Jobs

Ok so you want to go to the internet and find a better paying or a home job. Here are the top 5 legit home jobs you can do on the internet.

eJury.com - what you do is you take an oath to become an e-juror. The website is law firms "trying our their case", where it used to be focus groups, but now this is an online home job. You review their case and you give a "verdict" saying I will give this amount. The firms will listen to this review and it helps them make a determination about their case. They pay from $5 to $10 a case and it may take you from half an hour to an hour to complete it. The downside is, you never know when you will get called to be a juror. So this is not bankable income but it is a good source of extra income, maybe to supplement paying for your internet access, or cell phone bill.

Seed.com - a site making money where you can be a photographer, photojournalist, write, or blog. Where renowned journalists have basically put out a casting call for written content and photography. When you go to the site the assignments are right there to see and there are no shortage of assignments. Many of them are simple, but the catch is, you must produce high quality content. They will only accept the best and that's when you get paid. They do however offer some training and learning opportunities to learn the tricks of the trades so you can produce what they want. If you are good then there is a lot of money to be made.

ChaCha.com - is the website for all of you online researchers. The site has over a million questions a day, so the people answering the questions are called guides. You will be giving the results of the inquiries from the moment you clock in. There are people making hundreds of dollars a month so this is an excellent home job to make extra income.

VIPdesk.com - is customer service from remote locations. This is the way the customer service industry is headed, where it will be home job workers, home based contractors. There are several large customer service based companies who are associated with VIPdesk who need workers but are willing to allow them to work where they are comfortable. They pay about $10-$12 an hour. It is a plus if you are bilingual.

Elance.com - freelancer jobs you get based on proposals. There are thousands of projects ready to go and if you have your proposal accepted, you can make part time or even full time money.

There are some red flags to look out for when searching for an online home job. If you have to purchase something upfront, sort of a get ready kit, then you may want to be cautious. This does not apply with everyone, as you know its important to have the right equipment, software, etc. and if you don't have it then you will need to purchase it in order to do the job. Some companies are more specific than others.

If a company asks for detailed or personal and financial information, this is a red flag. Yes you will need to provide some information but the best advice is to go to the site, instead of just responding to an email that has been pushed to you.

Brenden Bell has created a website to help people find home jobs and do more to help their financial situation.

See hundreds of other home job listings including well paying full time positions.
Visit http://www.coolhomejob.com

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Help! How Do I Find Legitimate Telecommuting Jobs?

Tips and Guidelines for today's frustrated, I need to quit my job, worker.

I suppose a lot of you are wondering, how can I replace my $50,000 yearly income. I'm here to tell you "yes" you can do it. My income last year was comparable to any professional.

Funny thing is last night I was at the YMCA( waiting for my daughters swim team pictures) reading my latest book, "Think and Grow Rich" by N. Hill and I noticed a lady sitting next to me reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. This of course immediately excited me and I broke into a conversation with her regarding all my legitimate telecommuting jobs in the past year. I don't know what exactly got into me, but I must say I really enjoyed talking about my legitimate telecommuting jobs.

How lucky am I that I work from home and I'm there to participate in my daughters activities. When our weekends arrive they are spent doing family activities, not catching up on work. So I feel blessed. I also feel that creativity is so important and the ability to think out of the box. We all need to work on this because I believe the school system has done a good job of making us all conform to the same thought process.

My typical day starts out with getting my twin daughters ready for school. Afterwards I exercise at the YMCA for one hour than precede to the grocery store to pick-up the evening's meal. I then check in with my employee (who's a great lady) and proceed to turn on my computer. I work until 2:30P.M., then pick-up my daughters and do activities with them which of course would be piano, homework, swim team practice. Evenings are spent talking to my husband, reading, and working online. I watch very little T.V. For one thing I find it totally boring. I do watch movies, but that's about it.

So I ask you, why do you keep working for a job that you don't like. Or maybe the problem is you have no time for your family, and your house is consistently a war zone of clutter?

So how do you find Legitimate Telecommuting jobs?

There are various ways, but I must inform you patience is a virtue. No business evolves overnight. This is a struggle for a lot of people including myself. You want to see the fruits of your labor now. All things need time and nurturing.

Tips in finding Legitimate Telecommuting Jobs?

1. Job Boards: Go to online sources such as Mega Job Boards. It is possible to find some legitimate telecommuting jobs here but be careful and do some screening. Also take a look at Niche job boards. These are boards that advertise jobs within a particular or category. Retailjobs.com is an example of an industry niche board.

2. Staffing Firms Web Sites: Because telecommuting been growing in popularity, there

Are some people who have found a career in searching job boards, newspapers, and

Search engines.

3. Create you own Job. If you have a special talent, such as technical writing or medical transcription create a job for yourself. Market yourself to companies. You also can start-up a small business in your home, such as a children's daycare center. Be creative and think out side of the box.

Please take time to look at my archives; they mention many of the legitimate telecommuting jobs that I am currently pursuing.

Good luck in your searches. I think it will be well worth it.

Please feel free to share this information with others provided all links and names remain intact.

Christine Groth, webmistress and entrepreneur writes articles for her website http://www.makingseriousmoney.com

To find out more regarding working at home subscribe to her free newsletter at http://www.makingseriousmoney.com

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5 Telecommuting Job Interview Tips

When seeking a legitimate telecommuting job, finding good leads is only half the battle. Even more important is knowing how to present yourself well during the interview process and convince the employer that you are the best person for the job. There is usually a fair bit of competition for any good job opening, but this is especially true for telecommuting jobs! Work at home positions that pay well are in high demand, so don't be surprised if you find yourself among many hundreds of applicants all vying for the same position!

The question you need to ask yourself is: How can I be sure I'm putting my best foot forward during the interview?

This article will share 5 easy tips for making your telecommuting job interview great.

Tip #1 - Be on Time

This should go without saying, but telephone and internet interviews should be taken as seriously as on-site interviews. Be sure to plan, prepare, and be there on time. If your interviewer is supposed to call you, be sitting by the phone (or computer if online) at least 15 minutes before your interview time. If you are supposed to contact your interviewer, try to call at exactly the time your interview was set for, or even just a couple minutes early - but no more than that. Calling too early will just annoy your interviewer because he or she may be trying to wrap up a few things before your interview.

Also, be prepared by having a copy of your resume and cover letter in front of you, so you can quickly reference it for answers you may be asked. You may also want to jot down some responses to common questions the interviewer may ask.

Tip #2 - NO Background Noise!

If your interview will be done by phone, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a totally quiet background. That means no children yelling or talking or begging for your attention, no dogs barking, no television or stereo blaring. This will be even more important if you are applying for a job that requires telephone work. Make arrangements to be sure you can give the interview your full attention without any background interruptions.

In addition, be sure to use a landline telephone, not a cell phone. The interview won't go well if you and your interviewer have to keep saying, "Pardon, can you repeat that?" Also be sure to TURN OFF CALL-WAITING if you have that on your phone. That would be another big annoyance if you keep getting clicks and beeps on the line while you're trying to talk.

Tip #3 - Slow and Steady

Sometimes nervousness can make you talk a lot faster than you normally would, which can make you seem scattered or flighty. Be sure to pause before answering questions and keep your rate of speech moderate. Breathing properly can help you feel calmer too, so while the interviewer is asking a question or recording your answers, take that opportunity to take a nice deep breath - quietly, you don't want to breathe heavily into the phone!;-)

Also, keep your answers brief and to the point. Avoid rambling (another sign of anxiety!). Answer only the questions you are asked, unless the interviewer indicates he or she would like you to expand on a particular answer.

Tip #4 - Honest but Positive Answers

Probably the most challenging thing about interviews is figuring out how to respond to questions honestly without casting yourself in a negative light. For example, if the interviewer asks why you left your last job, you definitely don't want to launch into a tirade about what a jerk your old boss was and you "just couldn't take his crap anymore". Instead, you want to find a way to make all of your answers positive but still honest. This can take a little creativity sometimes!

Using the above example, you might answer: "I really enjoyed that job for the first 6 months but gradually I began to feel that the position didn't allow me to use my strongest skills to their full potential." That would be a general answer, but you could be more specific too: "I felt that the position wasn't challenging enough in allowing me to build my problem-solving skills and improve customer relations." That doesn't negate the fact that your boss may have been a jerk - but you don't have to focus on THAT aspect of the truth!:-)

Overall you want to be truthful with your answers, but also find a way to put a positive spin on them. Whatever you do, avoid blaming, pointing fingers, or expressing bitterness about previous jobs, employers, managers, or co-workers. You want to portray yourself as being mature and professional, which you can't do with a negative attitude!

Tip #5 - Be Yourself

Finally, remember that your interviewer is trying to determine one thing: whether YOU are the right person to join their team. But he or she will not be able to tell that if you're busy trying to be someone else! Interviews can be intimidating and you may think that you have to become this super-polished professional that "wows" the interviewer, but it's really not necessary.

Instead, be yourself. Certainly you want to be professional and mature in the way you communicate, but you don't have to be an emotionless robot to do so. Strive for a balance between warmth, friendliness and businesslike composure. You want to be relaxed but not too casual; friendly but not gushy; professional but not stiff.

If you would like more information about increasing your chances of being hired for telecommuting jobs, visit http://www.creativeworkathome.com/telecommute.htm for step by step guidance in finding legitimate jobs, writing a powerful resume and cover letter, and more.

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6 Legitimate Telecommute Jobs

Anyone who can make a living from home has achieved the true new American dream. They are sometimes hard to find and you have to watch out for fly by night places, but staying with it, you will find something that works out just fine for you. You will work from home.

Here a 6 legitimate telecommute jobs that are available and a brief description of what they entail as you work from home:

Customer service help desk. This can apply to almost any large corporation who needs someone to handle customer problems. This involves learning a lot about the company in question, its products and who does what inside the company so you will know who to contact to fix the customer's problem.
Data entry: This involves getting either paper or electronic downloads of information and entering it into a company's data base. Accuracy is important as is typing speed and punctuality. What is promised for Friday noon has to be ready by Friday noon and so on.
Consulting: If you have a particular trade or skill, you might get on as an online consultant for a company. The term consultant sounds like you need a bunch of degrees to qualify, but a plumber could be a consultant for a large home materials place. He would be available to help customers over the phone or via the internet.
Virtual Assistant: This is like being the electronic secretary to an executive except you won't be asked to fetch the coffee! These people book appointments, read and answer emails, plan trips, type reports and whatever else an on-site secretary does.
Sales Person: Some firms use only telephone sales people who work from home. Others, make phone calls to follow up on a sales call. This also becomes the job of the home sales follow up team.
Telemarketer: This one is hard on the nerves, but the pay can be quite good if you work for a place that pays commissions and not by the hour. Another benefit is that you can set your own hours usually for this one.

By the way, do you want to learn how to create your own legitimate telecommute jobs using many other online opportunities? If so, visit my family home incomes bulletin board at Legitimate Telecommute Jobs.

To view the most complete system of job directories and how to's for those that seek self employment ideas, click on Work From Home [http://www.work-from-at-home-job-site.org].

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Start Here First When Trying To Find A Telecommuting Job

Where's the first place you should look to find a legitimate telecommuting job? Is it at one of the major job search sites, is it on the hundreds of free telecommuting job boards, is it in your local newspaper?

Actually, the place to look when you first start a telecommuting job search is at your present place of employment. I know, I know, I can hear all the moans and groans right now. I bet you thought I was going to send you off to some secret website that only a few fortunate souls know about. If you were one of them, I'm sorry.

I wish I could promise that you could log onto any one of the free job boards, find a job you like, contact the company and be hired on the spot. And I'm sure there have been some cases where that has occurred. But that shouldn't be the first place you start. Start where they know you.

Traditional job searches can last months. Now think about it, how much harder is it going to be to convince a company who doesn't know you, doesn't know your skills, and doesn't know your work habits to hire you to work from the comfort of your home for their establishment? I believe you know the answer to that. Unless you have some highly sought after skills, I can assure you a traditional job search would more than likely be easier.

I don't mean to discourage or disappoint you, I just want you to be able to face the facts and reality as it truly is. Yes, you can find a telecommuting job on these job boards, but it will take some effort. However, as more and more companies become familiar with telework and develop telecommuting policies, job searching and your odds at finding employment while working from home will increase in your favor.

But today, one of the easiest places to find telecommuting employment is at your current company. As an engineer I worked from home for a company that I started out with in a traditional position. Your current employer knows you, knows your skills and knows your work habits. Use this to your advantage. Try to negotiate a telecommuting position with your existing company first.

To begin with, you will need to determine whether or not your current job is suitable for telecommuting. This is usually obvious, but as technology advances more and more jobs will become telecommuter-friendly.

Second, you will need to determine whether or not your company already has a telecommuting policy established. If so, your task just became a little easier. If not, you will have to convince your company of their benefits in allowing you to telecommute. Yes, I did say "their" benefits. You'll have to become a salesperson persuading them with what they will gain by letting you work from home.

And last, you will have to convince your manager that your position is suitable for telecommuting and that you'd like to work from your home. Usually, it will start out on a trial basis. Maybe two, three days out of the week. But if it all works out, you may be surprised to find yourself working a telecommuting job full-time very soon.

The last three paragraphs sound pretty basic. But entire books have been written on the subject. My intentions here aren't to explain all of the ins and outs of how to do this. I just want to let you know that your current job is one of the best places to find a telecommuting position when first starting out in your job search. So be sure to take advantage of it.

Find out the Five Top Places to find free telecommute work opportunities, just visit Telecommute Now and download your free Telecommuting Job Search Strategy Guide. Get It Now.

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Telecommuting Jobs For Laid Off Workers

Unemployment claims for the week ending September 27, 2008 topped out at 497,000. This is 22,000 more than financial experts were expecting. FYI, anything above 400,000 traditionally indicates the economy is in a recession. And, unemployment claims are continuing to rise.

While this is a snapshot in time, what it means is that any time the economy is in bad shape, job seekers find it hard to land new positions. If you're recently unemployed, you can start the following telecommuting jobs right from the comfort of your home. And, if you have a computer and a phone, you're almost ready to go.

Following are two telecommuting jobs for laid-off workers that can be the start of a brand new career. You can start working from home - and you may never have to look for outside work again.

Freelance Writing: Freelance writing is a career that anyone who can read, write and conduct research can start. And, the wonderful thing about freelance writing is that it can be start for $0 with little or no experience.

Furthermore, it matters little what the economy is doing. In boom times, freelance writers are in great demand. And, when the economy is in a recession and/or downturn, freelance writers are in demand.

Why Freelance Writers are In Demand No Matter What the Economy is Doing

Well, think about it. When the economy is booming, that means that companies are spending money on ads. They need web copy, brochures, press releases, case studies, newsletters, sales material and a goo-gob of other material written. While some companies employ full-time staffs, many rely on freelance writers to get work done.

When the economy is booming, PR agencies, ad agencies, internet marketing firms, magazines, etc., get overwhelmed. They have to outsource to freelance writers to keep up.

When the economy is in trouble, workers get laid off, however, work still has to get done. And, who do companies turn to to get projects out the door? Freelance and/or temporary workers.

If you've ever wanted to work from home and/or find a telecommuting job, freelance writing is the perfect career choice - for it allows you to do it. And, you can get started almost immediately.

Virtual Assistants: A Great Telecommuting Job Opportunity

Virtual assistants have been described as everything from virtual secretaries to web assistants. They handle everything from data entry to scheduling appointments to research and call answering services.

Virtual assistants work for everybody from busy executives, to one-person web entrepreneurs. And, all you need is an internet connection and a phone to get started in this profession.

The wonderful thing about being a virtual assistant is that the web has opened up a wealth of opportunities in this profession. All of your marketing can be done online - for free. And, once clients get accustomed to working with you, they will rarely jump ship because you become an integral part of their "business.

Why the Recession Presents a Great Opportunity for Those Seeking Telecommuting Jobs

As these telecommuting job options show, if you've lost your job, you don't need to fret. You need to get busy building a work-from-home business.

The telecommuting jobs discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg of what's out there. The beauty of these opportunities is that they cost practically nothing to get started - and don't require experience.

Instead of worrying about what the economy is doing, find a career that doesn't depend on it. These telecommuting jobs present two options to start.

May be reprinted with the following, in full: Yuwanda Black has been a freelance writer and web entrepreneur since 1993. She is the author of 10 ebooks on freelance writing, and oversees the freelance writing web portal, InkwellEditorial.com. To learn how to start a freelance writing career quickly, read the free special report, How to Start a Freelance Writing Career for $0 in Less than 24 Hours.

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Finding Legitimate Telecommute Jobs and Telecommuting Ideas Online

Do you find no telecommute ideas coming your way to work from home? When looking for telecommuting opportunities, consider the internet both a friend and foe. You cannot afford to miss the misleading campaigns that promises you heaven, seeking little effort but some money from you. Have you heard this before? This type of ad can certainly be discouraging, but be assured that there are legitimate telecommute job opportunities.

To find Real Telecommute Ideas and Jobs

If you want to start your search for telecommute jobs on the right foot, please read the following to major factors. One is knowing what you are looking for and the other is knowing what you are not looking for. There is a big difference between telecommute jobs and business opportunities and you must find out what that is. A legitimate telecommute job will never ask you for money. You don't pay a uniform employer to affect them do you? Well, telecommute jobs are no different. Employers will not charge you when they hire you to work as an independent contractor. A business opportunity, however, will charge you to work for them.

Working independently for your own home business, will require you to fund your own start up costs. Additionally, you will continue to pay for materials you need to keep your business going. If you want to work from home and still work for someone else, stay away from these types of telecommute ideas. No telecommute job is going to get you rich fast. You can make a decent income that is equivalent to that which you made working outside of the home, or a bit more or less.

The most important thing is to find the right place to look for good telcommute jobs. Knowing where to look both online and offline is the key to finding great telecommute ideas. Obviously the internet is your greatest resorce for this.

Before you begin your search, familiarize yourself with companies and scams to avoid by searching forums and websites about telecommuting and jobs. Getting to know others who already work in telecommute positions and hearing their experiences with certain companies will help you in determining which directions to take in your own search for telecommute jobs. Start searching through Google or any popular search engine. It will eliminate scams from appearing in the search results if you type a specific kind of job, instead of "work from home jobs". Use multiple sources to find telecommuting opportunities including newspaper ads and by contacts within companies. More employers are becoming open to the idea of telecommuting employees.

Choosing the Right Telecommute Job for You

Why do you want to work from home? Do you have small children and require a flexible schedule? Or are you able to work regular business hours? What types of skills do you have to offer an employer? Please answer these questions prior to your job searching. It will help you come up with the right telecommute ideas best fit for you.

Remember that finding legitimate telecommute jobs takes time, the same as a regular job hunt. They also don't cost you a penny.

Telecommuting ideas is fast becoming one of the hottest career choices today. Be one of the people who are now enjoying the freedom and flexibility that telecommuting provides. Find latest telecommute ideas, tips and advice in choosing a legitimate telecommute jobs on this site:

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Telecommuting Jobs - Salary and Benefits

Telecommuting jobs (work at home jobs) come along with a lot of perks, but most often that does not include benefits like health insurance, life insurance, pension, or 401k accounts. There are exceptions of course, but for the most part, a decision to work from home will require a few sacrifices in exchange for the advantages gained from telecommuting.

For that reason, telecommuting is more often a logical choice for stay-at-home mothers who can take advantage of benefits provided through their spouse's employer, college students who are still covered by their parents' insurance plans, and retirees who already have their own coverage.

In addition, telecommuting job seekers will often discover that most work from home jobs pay less than traditional jobs performed in the workplace. How much less? Sometimes as much as 50% less.

One thing to remember about companies that employ telecommuters is that they are trying to save money and cut costs by having a remote workforce. However, this is not such a bad thing!

Not only do the employers save money, employees who work remotely from home can also save a substantial amount of money. By avoiding long commutes they save money on gasoline and vehicle maintenance, not to mention the lack of need for a business attire, meals on-the-go and more. In a year's time, these saved expenses can easily make up for any loss in income.

There ARE employers who will offer a higher salary with benefits to telecommuters, but most often these companies also place more stringent requirements on their employees. For example, if you were hired by one of these companies, you might be required to work from the office for several months or even a year to "prove" yourself. Even once you were permitted to work from home, you might still need to go into the office once or twice a week for meetings or training. You might need to attend teleconferences on a regular basis, or be subject to more frequent performance reviews.

However, when most people begin looking for a job to do from home, they are often seeking a flexible - or even more relaxed - work arrangement and prefer a greater level of freedom. They don't want to deal with workplace meetings or teleconferences.

If that describes you, know that there are definitely companies that don't require this level of participation - they are glad to offer a paycheck in return for quality work and you never have to step foot into the office. But once again, you may have to sacrifice a higher salary and benefits package for the freedom you will gain.

So, if you have decided that working a telecommuting job is for you, ask yourself which aspects of working from home are more important to you? Do you absolutely need benefits? Do you have to make a certain salary in order to cover your living expenses? Or do you just need a way to bring in some extra money from home without all the extras?

Considering all of this before you begin your job search will save you time and allow you to obtain the type of job that will work best for your unique situation.

Wendy Betterini has been working successfully from home since 2003, and teaching others how to do the same since 2005. Telecommuting is fast becoming one of the hottest career choices today! If you're ready to discover a better way to work, visit http://www.creativeworkathome.com/telecommute.htm

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Keeping Your Telecommuting Job Search Efforts Organized

Oftentimes, those looking for telecommuting work, will apply to several companies at one time to increase their chances of getting hired. It does help your employment efforts, but it can make it hard to keep track of where and when you applied to what company.

It's important to have some kind of organizational system to keep track of what you've done so far, because:

- It helps keep you from applying to the same job ad three times

- It helps you avoid the mistake of confusing the hiring manager's names

- It helps you know when you can send a follow-up email to check on the status of your application

What to use to organize your job searching efforts

There are several things you can use to do this. Everybody has their own preference, but here are some of the more popular choices:

Word processing document- This allows a job searcher to place all they information they want about who they apply to. It can be easily printed off the computer and they can file it or carry it around with them.

Spreadsheet- This allows you to document important information concerning each job ad you applied to in an easy to read format. It can also be printed out or it can be saved on your computer for future reference.

Daily planner or calendar- This helps you quickly see what day you applied to what job ad. Brief notes are jotted down about the ad you applied to and the planner or calendar and it can be carried anywhere. You can also use a computer version of the calendar to keep it saved.

Spiral notebook- This can be used by those who prefer not to use a computer or feel that the planners don't have enough room to jot everything down. A simple notebook, which you write down all the application details in, can be taken anywhere and stored anywhere.

Once you've decided what you're going to use to store all your information in; then you can start keeping track of your job searching efforts.

Again, everybody has their own preference of what details they want to remember, but here are some of the items you should be including in your organizational document:

- The date you applied or sent your resume

- The company you applied to

- The hiring manager that will receive your application, if known

- The job title you applied for (For example: Customer Service agent)

- Important details from correspondence sent to them or received from them (For example: interview dates)

- Any important job ad details, like how long they're accepting applications (gives you an idea of how long of wait you might have)

As time goes on you can refer back to your list and make any necessary changes and even cross out the ones that you didn't land or see which ones you could send follow-up emails to.

Having a list handy, that's easily referenced, makes your searching much easier. Now, you can avoid struggling to remember who you applied to, when you applied and even whether or not you've checked back with them.

By avoiding these mistakes, you appear more professional and more organized in a prospective employer's eyes. Those who can organize something as daunting as a job search, has the ability to organize details relating to the job they're applying for. Show your prospective employer that you can do it.

Nell Taliercio has been working at home full time since 2004. She's worked as a telecommuter, virtual assistant and affiliate marketer. In 5 years she's discovered many secrets to finding legitimate work at home jobs and securing them. You can find work at home job information and tips at: http://www.justonlinejobs.com

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Telecommuting Jobs - Working From Home is a Popular Choice

Many people are choosing to work from home these days, either because it affords more freedom and convenience or because it is the only way that they can guarantee and protect their own job security. When it comes to having a job that you know you can count on, today's economy doesn't do much to offer you that peace of mind. However, if you are dedicated and driven to succeed, you can guarantee your own job security by working at home in a variety of ways. Here are some examples of telecommuting jobs:

-You can work for yourself as a freelance worker. You can offer any services that you have talent in, such as writing, programming, or web design. You will work with companies on a contract basis and be able to make the most of your working life by setting yourself up for success. Relying on someone else will no longer be an issue.

-If your employer is looking to cut back, you can suggest that you begin working a telecommuting position to cut expenses. That way, they will still have the expense of your salary, but they won't have the expense of actually having you onsite using resources and taking up their space. This can save companies a lot of money and is a great alternative to downsizing.

-You can start an actual business where you sell products or services from home. There are so many different options out there that it shouldn't be hard to find something that you can sell. The internet makes it really easy, and you can often get started with little to no initial deposit towards your business in many cases.

There are so many great opportunities for working at home that you need to check out telecommuting jobs near you. Don't fall for any scams or marketing schemes, though, because all these will do is cause you grief. Take the time to check out every listing that you find and every opportunity that you come across to ensure that it's the real deal and is exactly what you're looking for. With so many different options out there, you should never settle for anything less than the best.

Telecommuting is a great way to have a job that you love and enjoy more freedom and job security than you'll find in any onsite job right now. Take the time to see what's out there and figure out what you want from your new career. Then, go out and get the job that you want and begin working for yourself. In no time at all, you'll be able to feel better about your life and your career.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solutions - Six Sigma Online ( http://www.sixsigmaonline.org ) offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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Discover the Different Telecommute Jobs You Can Work From Home

If you are looking to build a career with telecommute jobs, then you have found a good niche for yourself. Telecommuting has now become a trend especially among those who consider their homes as the main workplace for business. Today, you may find many telecommuting opportunities online to help you start a career without the need to travel to your workplace just to do your job.

Convenience With Telecommute Jobs

Telecommuting is done these days with the use of the Internet. There are programs which assist employers to keep track of their workers, as well as workers to be allowed to work at any time of day either day or night. Telecommute jobs are beneficial to workers - as these saves them the expense of traveling each day to office. It also saves up on their time spent commuting to office. Money is saved on the part of the company - as it is not necessary to buy new furniture such as a desk, chair, phone and other office items.

There are a variety of telecommute jobs available at the tip of your fingers. If you desire to join the list of telecommuters, do a self assessment to figure out what kind of job is best suited to you and your abilities:

Creating Writing Jobs And Editing

Generally, freelance writers have the opportunity of working from home. However, now a wide range of creative writers have joined the telecommuting category. For instance, you can become a public relations professional, technical writer, creative write, article writer and so on.

Customer Service Operators

Customers service jobs have boosted the telecommuting industry. Customer service jobs can be done for companies running airlines to infomercials, which require reservation officers. Customer service skills are the same, whether it is applied in office or at home.

Virtual Assistant

Many companies, whether large or small, need to handle routine administrative functions. For instance, performing such tasks as scheduling meetings, travel and correspondence are great telecommute jobs for workers looking to work from home.

Finding Telecommute Jobs

There are several places online where you can find telecommute jobs. Proceed with caution when you decide to respond to an advertisement. There are potential scams online, be wary of them. Remember that if it is a legitimate employer, applicants will not be asked for money to apply for employment. There are many websites which place work from home jobs that do not charge a fee. These websites even provide a link to other websites which are looking to hire telecommute workers.

Discover the best telecommute jobs [http://creativewritingjobsonline.com/2010/06/20/online-telecommute-jobs/] for finding the writing job you want. The many creative writing jobs [http://www.creativewritingjobsonline.com] available include copywriting, articles, fiction, and nonfiction. Learn how to apply for these writing jobs online and earn a full time income while working your way to writing for magazines, writing a novel, or writing nonfiction.

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Long Commute? Transform the Job You Already Have Into a Telecommute Job

Transform an existing job into a position that can be done from your home. If you have been working for a company for six months or longer and know that your position has little interaction with others at the company or customers, then it may be possible to convince your boss. If your responsibilities are strictly data entry by accessing the company's server over the internet, you do all of your work online, or spend the majority of your time alone using your creative talents to come up with ideas for new products or new marketing campaigns, then there may be an opportunity to transform your position to a telecommuting job for one or two days of the week or even for the whole week.

Be good at what you do. A slacker is never going to convince a boss that they should work from home. It's just not realistic because the boss will always be questioning whether you are actually working or sitting on your couch watching television but charging them for your time. That is one of the biggest fears of employers. Make sure you are committed to working it out and if for whatever reason it does not work out you are both willing to change back to the way it was with you arriving at the office every day. There is no sense losing your job if it just isn't working out as planned.

Go to your boss with a plan. Have the advantages and disadvantages worked out in your head. Be willing to come into the office when requested or on specific days of the week. Explain the set-up you have in your home and invite your boss to visit if that will seal the deal for you. Be careful when speaking with your boss and come armed with the benefits for the company, not just the reasons it would work for you personally.

Opportunities also exist with local small businesses that need help but do not have any room or just need someone for a few hours a week and can't see the use of renting space. Bring your talents to the table and negotiate. There just might be an opportunity out there that is not advertised that no one else knows about. The small business owner may not even realize there are people willing to commit to this type of relationship.

Telecommuting can be a true job where you are paid every Friday, or the relationship could be set up as a contract position where you technically have your own business with one client. Operating it as a business can allow you certain tax advantages as well as allow you to take on additional work from other companies that need your services.

Some employers will not be able to change the structure of your job. If you like the thought of telecommuting work, then take a look at some of the telecommute jobs that currently exist in the marketplace.

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Tips For Keeping Your Telecommuting Job

Congratulations, you have landed a telecommuting job. All your hard work has paid off and now you can settle into the daily grind of working a job from your own home. Now that you have that job; you'll want to keep it.

Telecommuting has come a long way over the years and has become more acceptable to most employers. The problem is, even the companies that have accepted it, are questioning whether or not it will be a success for them.

There are still issues that most of the employers worry about. If you want to be able to keep the job you worked long hours just to find; then make sure you're doing the best you can at the job you were hired for.

Here are some tips to help you ensure that your new telecommuting job stays around for as long as you're working for that company:

Always meet deadlines- If your job duties have deadlines attached them; be sure that you always meet them or at the very least contact them right away to let them know why you can't meet it. If you can't meet your deadlines, the employer might think that you're not focusing on your job and using more of your work time to goof off.

Always be the one to answer the phone during work hours- If you have a job where you will be receiving calls from the employer or customers; make sure you're the one answering the phone during the work hours. Having other people answer it, makes you look unprofessional and employers frown upon that.

Reply to emails asap- If an employer contacts you by email for whatever questions they may have or information they want to send you; respond to them in a timely fashion. It shows that you're on the job and performing your duties efficiently.

Treat your telecommuting job as if you were at the office- During work hours, you should be focused on your job as if you were in an onsite office. While people listen to music at the office during work hours, they don't generally watch television. Keep your TV off while you're working.

Lay down the rules to your family and friends about your work hours- Just because you're working from your home, doesn't mean that it's okay for all friends or family members to stop by and chat anytime they feel like it. If you're working set hours, like 8-3; then let your friends know that you can visit with them when you're work day is done. You could also visit them during your lunch hour; provided you get one.

These may seem like little things to you, but they're huge concerns in an employer's eyes. Always act like a professional during your work hours and you can instill confidence within your employer. Confidence that says that you are capable of performing your job from your home office.

Otherwise you could be sending the wrong signals to the bosses and your telecommuting job could be at stake. By keeping these things in mind, you're increasing your chances of having that telecommuting position for a long time to come.

Nell Taliercio has been working at home full time since 2004. She's worked as a telecommuter, virtual assistant and affiliate marketer. In 5 years she's discovered many secrets to finding legitimate work at home jobs and securing them. You can find work at home job information and tips at: http://www.justonlinejobs.com

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Best Entry Level Telecommuting Jobs

Employees can work from the comfort of their home, office or any other convenient location. No assembly work or e-mail processing is required. Working from home, mobile offices, neighborhood work centers are some common types of telecommuting.

Companies and organizations, irrespective of size, offer telecommuting jobs. It also encompasses many government agencies and small private companies as well. Many of the job requirements involve information processing, which is the basic capability of telecommunications. Telecommuting makes use of the latest telecommunications to accomplish these job requirements. Telecommuting has become prevalent in today's business environment due to many economic factors.

This new concept of alternative workplace benefits both employee and company. Successful telecommuting requires an efficient and cooperative arrangement and communication between the company and employee. Employees should be self-motivated, productive, sincere, time and goal oriented, focused and knowledgeable. Managers, at the same time, need to have a relationship built on trust with their employees just like in any other organization.

Telecommuting jobs have a wide range of positions from those in the field of research, customer service, journalism, marketing, accounting and many other areas. However, the jobs best suited are in computer programming and writing. Non-technical home jobs include receptionists, medical assistants, customer service representatives, and home based phone agents.

Other Telecommuting Jobs

Other telecommuting jobs include alphanumeric data entry, working as a freelancer, office administration and programming consultants. Salaries and benefits vary according to the employer and generally depend on the contract. No special skill or degree is required, however, certain skills like typing and computer programming are beneficial. Basic equipment such as a computer with an Internet connection and business phone line are necessary if not provided by the employer.

Telephone customer service is one of the best telecommuting jobs. They are easily available, require little or no experience since on-the-job training is usually provided and has convenient working hours. There are two types of positions: inbound (where you receive calls made by the customer) and outbound (where you call the customers).

Undoubtedly, telecommuting has numerous advantages such as increased productivity, better communication, reduced office space requirements, staffing flexibility, but on the other hand, areas of concern are feelings of isolation, exploitation and increased workload.

Many sites are available on the Internet and advertisements in newspapers, however not all of them are legal. Verification should be done before committing yourself to such a contract.

Opportunities In Telecommuting

Telecommuting provides employment opportunities to new mothers, handicapped or retired people, people living in remote areas or those with other responsibilities.

Telecommuting jobs are convenient because they allow you to work from home so that you can take care of your other responsibilities at the same time and avoid the hassles of traveling daily. It gives you freedom and flexibility. It is a potential work alternative that helps people balance their responsibilities at home and work. Governments and environmentalists are encouraging it because it reduces noise and air pollution. Due to reduced commuting cost and time, and increased flexibility of working hours, the number of telecommuters is increasing steadily.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solutions - Six Sigma Online http://www.sixsigmaonline.org offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

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Telecommuting Job Search - Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking for a telecommuting job, you may have some questions about the whole job searching process. Here are some frequently asked questions to answer some of them for you:

What is the difference between Telecommuting and Work from Home jobs?

All in all, there isn't really a difference. Both refer to a job that you would perform from home. Telecommuting, oftentimes, will refer to the types of positions where you would work part-time onsite and part-time from home. Work from home, generally means that you would perform all job tasks from your home office. Each company uses which ever term they see fit.

If a job says that it's a work from home opportunity, then is it okay to apply to?

No it is not. You should never apply to a company until you've done some research. Some scam ads will use the work from home phrase to entice you to inquire with them. Also, legit business opportunities will use that term to get you interested in starting your own business selling products. Research each ad before giving the company any of your information.

Why is it so important to research companies before I apply for their advertised positions?

There are many legit companies looking for people to work from home, but there is also the same number of people looking to scam you out of your money. Scammers are crafty and have conned a lot of people into giving them money or some of their personal identifying information that's ultimately used for identity theft. You must do your research and make sure the company is legit before you start handing over any information.

Does it increase my chances of getting a job if I apply to a lot of telecommuting positions?

Yes, provided you are applying to jobs that you have the necessary requirements and skills the company is looking for. If you apply for a position of web designer and you have no skills or experience to perform the job, then they'll just delete your resume. Or they might go another step and not consider you for any other position.

Can I get a telecommuting position if I don't have any experience?

Yes, it is possible for some positions. Take a look at some of the job duties you are performing now or have performed recently. There might be something there that could give you an edge. For example, maybe you do some typing at your current job. If you're a fast typer, you could possibly get a position with a transcription company. Take an online typing test, see how fast you can type and see what the transcription companies are looking for.

The job ad says that I only have to pay for training materials. It's legit right?

No it is not legit. No job, whether it's work from home or onsite; will ever ask you to pay for anything except a background check, in some cases. Training is a part of your job; it's not something you should ever pay for. Scammers use it for unsuspecting people who will go ahead and pay the price and then they ultimately end up with nothing or junk in return.

If you're searching for your first telecommuting position, you may feel overwhelmed with all the information out there. Be assured that you're not the only one. Many telecommuters have been in your shoes, and because of that they have paved the way for you to be well informed.

Nell Taliercio has been working at home full time since 2004. She's worked as a telecommuter, virtual assistant and affiliate marketer. In 5 years she's discovered many secrets to finding legitimate work at home jobs and securing them. You can find work at home job information and tips at: http://www.justonlinejobs.com

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